Hurricane Disaster Plan & Information

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Hurricane Information Guide

Sunset Captiva Bayside Condominium Association (SCB) is susceptible to impact by tropical cyclones each year from June 1st through November 30th. Current meteorological forecasts indicate that there is a higher than average probability of being directly affected by tropical cyclones during this period. Storm surge which is associated with tropical cyclones is a leading cause of death and damage. High winds that produce airborne debris cause structural damage and the potential for physical injuries and or death.

SCB is located on Captiva Island, off the Coast of Lee County. This area is vulnerable to flooding from extreme downpours and storm surge due to being at sea level.

Tracking Hurricanes

Hurricane Activation Levels

The National Hurricane Center at along with local agencies monitors storm activity and issues warnings, watches and notices in the preparation of tropical storm activity.

Hurricane Weather Information

Please monitor all local TV channels (2) NBC, (4) Fox, (5) CBS, (7) ABC and (47) The Weather Channel for weather updates. The following websites are also available for updated information:

If you area a guest please contact your rental agency as soon as possible. They or your travel agent may be able to assist you in finding other accommodations. Please notify the Rental agency that you will be leaving the property as, they will need, to prepare it for Tropical Weather. Please take all your belongings with you, there may be a possibility that you may not be returning for the remainder of your visit.

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Owner Preparation for Hurricane Season

All Owners in SCB are responsible fore securing their home for Hurricane Season. Owners that rent, please confirm compliance with your rental agency.

Recommended Procedures upon Departure:

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Preparing For A Hurricane

Prepare an Evacuation Route

The following are the directions that Lee County Suggests, if an evacuation is recommended.*

* All Hazards Guide 2005 Edition

Some of the best and hardest, lessons are learned through experience. For Captiva and Sanibel Island hurricane Charley was just such a lesson. With preparation and planning we can execute a well organized evacuation, maintain communication and conduct post hurricane evaluations without harm to any of our members or staff.

Please prepare your home for tropical weather upon your departure for the season, have your rental agency responsible for pre-storm preparation, a friend or vendor. Upon the order for evacuation, a Command Center of Board Members will be instituted to obtain information from island staff and keep the owners updated through our website Island staff will keep the Command Center informed as often as possible. Please do not call the Association, the staff will be preparing our community and evacuating a minimum of twelve hours before expected land fall. Be aware that communications could be cut off prior to and for days after a tropical event. The board will only be able to update the website once communications has been reestablished.

Owner Information: If the unfortunate event of tropical weather, the island can quickly become populated with various types of tradesman. They may not be who they portray to be and experience has proven that rather unscrupulous people appear after a disaster offering their assistance. In order to provide as much protection to the community and members as possible, the Association requests you complete the attached emergency information sheet and return it to Association Management. Unless registered by an owner as a vendor, friend or tradesman, entry into Sunset Captiva Bayside will be scrutinized. This is for the protection of yourself and neighbors.

Boat Owners: All Boats should be put in storage for the safety of your boat and the Association's Dock upon your seasonal departure. Below is a list of recommended harborages and storage facilities. If you have a friend, neighbor or employee that will be taking care of your boat, please include that information on the Emergency Information Sheet.

Hurricane Watch: Association Management

Sunset Captiva personnel, owners and guests are preparing for tropical winds. Please tune into your local or national weather stations for changes. Owners please watch the community website The website will be updated periodically to bring you the latest news.

Hurricane Warning: Maintenance

Hurricane Warning: Association Manager

Hurricane Watch: Maintenance

Check List

Grill Area

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After the Disaster

The island staff will return to the property once the local police, fire department and governing authorities have permitted entry into the premises. As soon as communication is available updates will be posted on the SCB website.

The most important item to remember is to insure the structure is stable and safe, use measures to prevent any further damage and control losses. You may have already called your insurance company and a disaster restoration firm to stabilize your home. In most cases it is important to use trained and experienced personnel.

If you do plan on visiting your property, come prepared and take precautionary measures. Make alternate accommodations if you do not know if your home is habitable. It is recommended to have with you Hard Hats, long sleeves, slacks and tuff boots. There is a possibility of plenty of debris, nails, bugs, snakes and spiders. Creatures like this tend to go to higher ground after a tropical event. Tree limbs, building structures, interior walls and ceilings may still be subject to collapsing. Bring plenty of water, bug repellent, non-perishable snacks and camera film. In the event of damage you will want to document any structural damage and loss.

Please check with the local fire chief before entering any premises. Items to be aware of are gas smells, power lines, obstacles and standing water. DO NOT SMOKE ENTERING ANY COMPROMISED AREA!

* Before any repairs or renovations Owners MUST contact the association manager

Post Disaster Maintenance

Post Disaster Association Manager

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Important Contact Information

Important Disaster Numbers

Command Station
Alice Fitzgerald
Phone: 703-549-3370

Association Manager Lucinda Shaffer 239-333-3557

Emergency only 239-292-9393

Maintenance George Hoch 239-395-3167

Command Station Alice Fitzgerald 703-549-3370

Insurance Company Oswald Trippe 239-433-4535

All emergencies call 911

Local numbers:

Royal Shell Vacations: 239-472-9111
American Realty: 239-395-2490
Resort Quest: 239-472-4113
VIP Vacations: 239-472-1613
Sanibel Captiva Chamber of Commerce: 239-472-1080
Captiva Fire Department: 239-472-9494
Lee County Sheriffs Office: 239-477-1000
Lee County Emergency Management Office: 239-477-3600
Lee County Emergency Operations Center: 239-477-3600
Lee County Health Department: 239-332-9501
Lee County Animal Services: 239-432-2083
Red Cross: 239-278-3401
Salvation Army: 239-278-1551
Sanibel Police Department: 239-472-3111
Local Shelters: 239-477-3600 (Shelters do not take pets)
Heights Elementary: 15200 Alexandria Court, Fort Myers
Tanglewood Elementary: 1620 Manchester Boulevard, Fort Myers
Colonial Elementary: 3800 Schoolhouse Road East, Fort Myers

Utilities and Services for Association Carpet Cleaning and Water Extraction

LCEC 239-995-2121
Captain Steamer 239-936-5024
Water 239-472-1502
Persons Carpet Care 239-277-7885
Comcast 239-432-9277
Veolia 239-334-1248
Bugs-or-US 239-337-4484

Maintenance and Repair

Mabry Bros 239-482-1122
American Wood 239-482-7686
Hartman Trucking 239-872-3058
Wilson Lawn Care 239-395-2625


Tropical Marine 239-542-1004
Brenda Fields 941-759-0002
ThyssenKrupp Elevator 239-334-2511
Patricia's Cleaning 239-454-6230
West Coast Roofing 239-433-9777
Kings III 800-354-6473


Fyr Fyter 239-481-5737
Ram Investments 239-472-8950
Avis Plumbing 239-542-4421
Citi Developments 239-472-1033
Mark McQuade 239-472-5444
Mason Building Services LLC 239-565-1340

Disaster Clean

American Wood 239-482-7686
Fireservices (reference 1112) 239-936-1033
Damex 239-542-1000

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